Audio to keyframe string generator

This tool is used to generate strings for the keyframes of AI animation notebooks, such as this one, using the volume of audio tracks. Using the Chrome browser is recommended.

Step 1: Choose an audio file to analyse:

Try using individual stems, or just the right channel, or a bandpass filter. If it's a large file, it might take a while to load, so be patient!

Step 2: Choose parameters:

'Framerate' controls how coarse the sampling is. For example, if the audio is 2 seconds long, and the fps is 12, then there will be 24 samples/frames.
'Function' is a function (in normal mathematical notation) to apply to each frame value, where 'x' is the original amplitude between 0 and 1. You can also use 'y' to indicate the frame number.
For example, if you just put in 'x', you will get the raw volume of the frame between 0 and 1. If you put in '1 + x^4 + sin(pi*y/12)', you will get a baseline sine wave with a period of 2 seconds (assuming an fps of 12), plus the amplitude to the 4th power, plus 1).

Step 3: Copy string:

If PyTTI format is checked, it will attempt to make a function that PyTTI will understand, but it is experimental. Let me know if you try it out.

Step 4 (optional): Edit further using